Hawaii's Gemstone Museum

A coral tree found in the museum.

The Lucoral Museum was established in 1989 and opened its doors in January of 1992. Located in Waikiki, it is a place set apart for all ages and cultures to learn about gemstones, pearls, precious corals, jewelry and jewelry making. Many treasures reside within the museum and our various pieces come from Hawaii and from all over the world. Gemstone specimens, coral trees, fossils, artwork, jewelry, sculptures and story all come together in the museum to entertain, educate, and inspire you.

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A sculture found in the museum.

The "Sculpture Room" displays tall, beautiful sculptures of carved Jade, Sodalite, and a Rose Quartz, which weighing 2,000 pounds (lb). Most carvings like these are not seen except in museum displays as the stones are large and carvings intricate. This room houses several displays of smaller specimens of gemstones and fossils. Also currently residing here are the "Three Techno Princes" ('heads' and costumes made to be worn by a person walking in a parade or festival). Honolulu was gifted them by our sister city Kaohsiung, in Taiwan.

The Cave-looking mining room.

Continue on through the "Mining Room". Made to look like a gem mine with crystals, raw gemstones and displays set into false rock the room is made of. Don't miss the dinosaur egg; it is within the mine! Australia gemstones and Hawaiian calcite are also highlighted in the cave. Keep on the look out for the Lava Bomb (lava rock that kept its aerodynamic shape as it cooled while flying through the air) and explanation of 'Hawaiian diamonds' (aka Olivine or Peridot).

Aragonite crystals Quartz crystals and Pyrite

Offering a world of possibilities our "International Room" contains a map of the world marked with sites where gemstones are found. Geodes and several touchable rocks are here for you to enjoy. This room also houses the most wonderful displays of coral and pearl. Read about the pearl harvesting history of Pearl Harbor and how Pearl Harbor got its name. Find out about notable and historic pearls too. See precious coral trees, sculptures made from coral, fine carvings made into jewelry and learn about corals various colors, history and use.

strands of freshwater pearls.

After enjoying our museum displays and learning about pearls, coral and other gemstones, you can find many of those gems in our jewelry shop. Our shop carries only Lucoral Hawaii Jewelry and Flora Lu Designs. A reputable name in coral, pearl, and gemstone jewelry, Lucoral Hawaii has been established in Waikiki for more then 30 years. Lucoral Hawaii began in the Waikiki Trade Center in 1982 and then established the Lucoral Museum in 1989. The Lucoral Museum Shop is dedicated to providing an awesome selection of items, taking custom orders for pearl parties, and quality jewelry created by Flora Lu Designs and Lucoral Hawaii.

Flora speaking to a group of business women.

Lucoral Museum resides within the company of Lucoral Hawaii. The president and jewelry designer of Lucoral Hawaii is Flora Lu. As a Rotary Club member of Waikiki and winner of the 2011-2012 Mother of the Year Award by the United Chinese Society, Flora is an active businesswoman. She provides her talents and experience to benefit Hawaii's community, local Hawaii Taiwanese, and other programs and affiliations that contribute to our community and promote cultural awareness. She is the seventh child out of eleven and has been involved with gemstones and jewelry making for more than thirty years. Born on Pescadores Island in the South China Sea, between Hong Kong and Taiwan, Flora traveled to many places on the mainland United States and around the world. She settled in Hawaii in the 80's. She is married and the mother of three children, all born in Hawaii.

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